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  1. photographic artwork by stefan teufelsbauer

  2. 08.08.2022
    italian island

    this years vacation brought me for the first (and definitely not the last time) to sardegna. i was surprosed about the versatility of flora and fauna and also the people i met there. CLICK to enjoy a small extract of my trip.

  3. 18.04.2022
    go west

    this years easter holidays brought us to our relatives in vorarlberg. now i brought you some shots in my new favorite ratio 4:5.

  4. 12.12.2021
    sony alpha 7iv

    i´ve tested my new tool, the sony a7iv with a few shots at night in vienna. i took the leica elmarit 28/2.8 with the metabones adapterring and the zeiss sonnar 35/2.8. both are beautiful lenses.

    so sit back and enjoy a small slideshow with cool beats :-)

    --> click here for slideshow

  5. 13.11.2021
    zeiss zm planar 50mm f2

    i´ve testet my new zeiss zm planar on my fuji x-t2. great lens! here are some sample.

  6. 08.08.2021
    roadtrip in dalmatia

    back from my vacation i have a pocket full of pictures with me. just for technical freaks out there: my weapons of choice where the ricoh gr lll ,fuji xt2 with the 23/2 lens and the iphone 11 pro (yes a smartphone. i don´t care what you say :-) ).

    so take a minute and enjoy - here!

  7. 19.10.2020
    city trip

    i did a short visit to hamburg. because of corona pandemic my course was cancelled so i had to fly back next morning. sadly!

  8. 09.08.2020
    keep distance

    due to corona crisis i had to cancel my third journey to croatia. so my family and i decided to visit our relatives on country side. obviously i also brought my cameras. see here!

  9. 08.03.2020
    my new tool: the ricoh gr III

    one of my goals for 2020 was to distance from my smartphone camera. although it makes acceptable shots in sunny conditions, the pictures in low light settings are horrible. my personal point of view is that there is no smartphone camera on the market, neither in future, which can handle with those situations.

    so what was my mission? it´s simple. get a camera as small as possilble and a sensor as large as possible. there are not many options to grab so my procedure of exlusion brought me to ricoh. although it is not even bigger than a pack of cigarettes it fits totally fine in my big hands and is great in "one hand usability".

    i don´t like to make a full review. there are tons of in the word wide web like youtube or so. but maybe you are also in my position as a interested person in photography which wants a point and shot option to smartphone cameras you can´t go wrong with this little thing. i appreciated every single shot i took.

    so have a rest and take a tour to my first shots i´ve taken.

  10. 30.09.2019
    vienna underground

    This year in fall I´ve some time for my own so today I decided to spend it with street shots.


  11. 04.08.2019
    14 days in spain

    my last vacation brought me to spain. click on "es" in the left sections or here to see some pictures.
    I also made a small slideshow of them. enjoy it on my youtube channel!

  12. 02.06.2019

    Beside an extended weekend vacation with my family I did some random landscape shots. I took all pictures in the heart of Austria, Salzburg. This was our fourth time and defenitly not our last time.

    Just for the tech freaks: Fujifilm X-T2 with 23mm prime lens :-)

  13. 03.03.2019
    sunday walk

    I Just came back from my sunday walk at the near country side. Although it´s winter I can definitely smell spring in the air.
    For all the Hardware Lovers out there: I used my Fuji X-T2 with 23mm prime.

  14. 02.06.2018
    cold architecture

    I took a pleasant walk through a new born district of vienna. Actually I hate this kind of architecture. It´s unfriendly, impersonal and definitely cold. So this would never ever take place in my comfort zone but nevertheless it is highly interessesting infront of my lens.

    If anybody is interessted in my gear which I took for this slideshow: Fuji X-T2 with the 23mm Prime Lens. Currently my favorite setup.

    Check out the slideshow at youtube:

  15. 10.05.2018
    monochrome beauties

    Went out for some few shots in the woods. Came back with a fragile selection.


  16. 17.01.2018
    freezing focus

    I did my very first slideshow with pictures of the first snowfall this year. Enjoy, I think there will come some more this year.

    so take look: freezing focus

  17. 08.09.2017

    hello again,

    i´ve thought a f1.4 lens with af would be nice so searched for the sigma art 35mm. i can tell you although it is hard to focus on f1.4 it is a bit more than nice. it´s GREAT! I won´t do a review because the net is full of it so please enjoy the pictures.

    take a look to some samples in the gallery above of my first walk with this great lens.

  18. 10.08.2017
    on vacation

    hey everyone,

    please check out my new section "hr" with some shots from my trip to croatia.


  19. 21.01.2017

    once again i will show you a small taste of my work. come to the international group exhibition on 17.02.2017 at 7 p.m. to Lumina Fine Print Forum Austria - Lindengasse 65, 1070 Wien

  20. 29.09.2015

    it´s the second time that i am part of an organzation team of the international exhibition from the club "Vereinigung für Digitalkameraverweiger" shortly called VFDKV.

    the exhibition takes place in "The Art Hotel Vienna" on 27.10.2015 at 7 p.m.

    please visit for more detail information.

  21. 31.03.2015

    i am proud to be part of the international group exhibition "EXPOSED". You can see a small selection of my work at Lumina Gallery (Lindengasse 65, 1070 Vienna) on 16.04.2015.

    for more information follow the link below